The Acclaimed G-Werx Program* Featured at 501FIT in Minneapolis
Minneapolis, MN is one of the fittest cities in the USA (Ranked 2nd by Men's Fitness). Thanks to G-Werx, the city is getting more fit every day at 501FIT with G-Werx small group strength training classes.

The G-Werx classes are a new, effective and patent pending concept that delivers the best possible workout of free weight and machine. A fitness instructor leads a group of individuals of all ages and from all walks of life through a fantastic workout. The classes range from full body, to body part specific. And Thanks to 501FIT, people are now able to have personal training at a much more affordable price.
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Proof of G-Werx Quality and Reliability

G-Werx gyms at 501FIT are used between 5-8 times per day, day in and day out in the classroom setting. They function with complete reliability and the customers at 501FIT are amazed at the versatility. Many customers have purchased machines for themselves at home for days when they are unable to attend class. That's because after using G-Werx they know no other machine will provide the unsurpassed mix of free weight and machine exercises they have come to love. You too can experience the quality of free weight and machine united together on G-Werx. Call us today for more information or to make a purchase.

501FIT & G-Werx team up to provide TRAINERS a new way to train clients

Our Founder and inventor of the G-Werx machine has developed this method of fitness training. Now in conjunction with 501FIT we are making it available to certified trainers across the country. The concept is unique, simple and very effective. You find a small facility where you can place from 4-10 G-Werx gyms with weight racks. You come to Minneapolis to receive your certification for G-Werx small group fitness classes and you go home ready to start teaching. You will be able to save your clients a lot of money while at the same time improve your revenue because you are working with more people at one time. Also your clients will love the camaraderie the small groups provide. You will love working with more than one person because it is more challenging and more fun than one-to-one training.
The G-Werx small group classes also are far more affordable than opening some of the other fitness franchises. You can find a studio of 600 square feet or more so your rent will be affordable. Despite their versatility and reliability, G-Werx machines cost far less than other name brand machines that are single use. If you have been looking to improve the lives of more people while establishing yourself as an independent business person, contact us for more information at

*Patent Pending
501 FIT.  Strength with Class.
501 S. Washington Avenue, 3rd Floor
Minneapolis, MN 55415
Voted "Top pick for getting fit..." by Minnesota Monthly Magazine in the Best of the Cities edition, October 2008 (page 71).
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G-Werx gyms are not available in stores. Factory-direct delivery is offered exclusively through this web site.
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